What does feminism mean to us?

Feminism means a lot of different things to different people. People often ask us what we mean by feminist? To us, feminism is beyond gender. It is about recognizing the multi-facetedness of every individual and the complex struggles that they may face. As feminists we strive for and believe in equal access to opportunities, representation and resources and we acknowledge that this is an especially urgent, fundamental and necessary fight for historically disadvantaged groups. We support individual choice for everyone in all aspects of life, including their sexuality, profession, self-expression and pleasure.

Our feminism is not anti-male. We value freedom for everyone and believe that men also have a valuable contribution and part to play in being allies to the feminist movement. As feminism has evolved, so too have our practices and beliefs, always striving for diversity, equity and to listen to all voices. We value respect and openness as well as privacy. We honour growth and learning and prefer open dialogue rather than shame as a vehicle of change or education. We recognize that we have all made mistakes on our journeys to self-awareness of our privilege and we have all unwittingly and unfortunately disrespected others despite our best intentions. We value the concept of “calling in” rather than “calling out” for change, as BlackGirlDangerous posted here. We hope that our work makes a difference for everyone’s benefit.

What is our goal as feminists in producing the Feminist Porn Awards?

  • conversation and evolution of ideas
  • respectful dynamic creative community
  • exposing viewers to porn they may not normally have the opportunity to see or know where to find
  • providing a platform for film makers to reach new audiences
  • celebrating the hard work of film makers and performers whose creativity goes beyond the mainstream
  • we especially hope to showcase the authentic, first person sexuality of historically disadvantaged groups