Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex for Men

Three sexy couples welcome you to the world of anal pleasure for men in this educational and honest series. Explore the sensuality of a man’s most intimate places. There are so many myths and challenges for men that are explored by anal sex expert Tristan Taormino. Tristan challenges stereotypes about male sexuality as she sheds light on one of the most important erogenous zones for men.

Let her guide you step by step as she teaches an informative workshop packed with tips and techniques for safe and pleasurable anal sex. Learn how to take your intimacy to another level as these couples with great chemistry explore and experiment with different toys, and positions. Anal play can be enjoyed in so many ways.

You’ll learn about:
anal anatomy, hygiene and lube
butt plugs, vibrators, anal beads, dildos and prostate toys
strap-ons: how to choose one, how to use one
finger and toy penetration tips
the best positions for prostate stimulation

Discover how to combine anal pleasure with oral sex, have fantastic strap-on sex, and give your partner an anal orgasm. A revealing look at one of the sexiest, most intense ways for couples to take their sex lives to the next level.

Citation: Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex for Men, USA, 102 minutes, 2010
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