The Crash Pad

A classic in queer, feminist porn, The Crash Pad is the movie that started the whole series.

“This is the key to the crash pad and I want to give it to you. There’s only one small catch.”

The Crash Pad is a secret rendezvous a place that offers dykes the freedom to have dirty, riotous lesbian sex. In this film, there’s an interracial three-way for a little blond voyeur who watches with excitement.

A femme masturbates in front of two butches, who hover over her. In another scene, a femme and her lover have down and dirty sex at the crash pad, including a great squirting scene.

The best in lesbian sex awaits you, all at the Crash Pad!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 56 minutes

Citation: The Crash Pad, USA, 56 minutes, 2006.
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