The Crash Pad Series #1

From the director of The Crash Pad comes The Crash Pad Series #1, a series of five ‘episodes’ from the series that picks up from where the original Crash Pad left off. There are plenty of¬†familiar faces – Syd Blakovich, Jiz Lee, and Dylan Ryan – and new talent like Princess Donna and Courtney Trouble.

We have five of the top episodes from the series, and if wall-to-wall lesbian, butch/femme, trans and gender-fuck turn you on, The Crash Pad Series is just what the porn mistress ordered.

Watch the beautiful femme Dylan get off as her gruff butch trucker gives her more, more, more! Plus four other episodes including the busty Princess Donna and Jake in an edgy spanking and fucking scene. Hot stuff!

Citation: The Crash Pad Series #1, USA, 73 minutes, 2008
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