The Bi Apple

One of the best bisexual movies to come out in years! Set in the Big Apple. Find out happens when innocent college student, Simone Valentino, is sent to do a research study about the sexual behaviour of queer NYC couples.

This flick has everything you might desire: straight sex, pegging, boy-on-boy, girl-on-girl and other equally enticing combinations of the above. After observing a few sweet and sweaty scenes our girl Simone can’t help being drawn into the fun. Lucky for Simone superhot lesbian superheroine ReVay is available to ease her transition. Let the sex toys roll!

Well shot with an attractive, relaxed and culturally diverse cast, The Bi Apple has a little something to make everyone smile, and then some! The movies official caption: New York Girls Like Boys Doing Boys who Like to Do Girls. Well, I think we can all agree that they’re not the only ones!

Five sizzling sex-scenes await your viewing pleasure!

Citation: The Bi Apple, USA, 85 minutes, 2006
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