Pics from the 2014 Gala

Good for Her is pleased to announce the 2014 Feminist Porn Award Winners! Congratulations to our nominees and all of our winners. We'll see you next year for our 10th Anniversary of celebrating the best in feminist porn.

Barcelona Sex Project

Barcelona Sex Project is an intimate and independent erotic documentary, which explores the real lives of three men and three women. An intimate look into the personal lives of real women and men, including their real orgasms. Candid interviews reveal their thoughts and passions, and invite the viewer into their lives by sharing their every day experiences with the own…

The Swinger Vol. 3

The 3rd volume in the successful and popular “The Swinger” series. This is a hot, well produced movie that is perfect for couples. When a young woman discovers her best girl friend is into the swingers scene, her initial disgust quickly turns passionate. She becomes obsessed as she experiments with the world of wife swapping and group sex. Allie Haze…