A Little Part of Me

We loved the sweet story and sexy scenes in this romantically-themed adult movie. In fact, we loved it so much that we awarded it the 2011 Feminist Porn Award for Steamiest Romantic Movie. This story-driven film includes top-notch performers like Bobbi Starr and Kimberly Kane, ladies who are natural and comfortable on screen whether they are making memorable sex scenes…

Man of My Dreams

Eight of the hottest guys on a single DVD fulfill your dreams in this erotic softcore film. Each man represents a different “familiar” sexual fantasy. Man of My Dreams is a Choose Your Own Sexual Adventure movie that leaves a lot to the imagination. Have you ever wondered what the neighborhood handyman would really like to fix? What about your…

Romantic Queer Vintage

Dressed in classic vintage outfits, Trick enjoys worshipping Chocolate Chip’s gorgeous body by oiling, caressing, and dressing her then carries her to the bedroom for some more fun. But the script gets flipped and Chocolate Chip straps on and tops Trick to a screaming orgasm.

Playing Truant

Alex’s fantasy involves abuse of authority and harsh punishment. Her lover Paul Kennedy roleplays a truant officer takes advantage of an innocent schoolgirl, stripping her naked and beating her with the tawse as she begs him to stop.