Playing Truant

Alex’s fantasy involves abuse of authority and harsh punishment. Her lover Paul Kennedy roleplays a truant officer takes advantage of an innocent schoolgirl, stripping her naked and beating her with the tawse as she begs him to stop.

The Agency

Nimue wakes up in a cold room, not knowing where she is. Someone thinks she will be of use to this sinister organisation, but how far will they push her into the dark realms of bdsm and emotional masochism, and who is it that has sent her there?

Femdom Fatale

Bend over, harder, faster, and more extreme, please. Julie Simone takes the hardcore fetish to the next level in this wild and wicked film. Julie Simone is vicious and glamorous in this sadistic display that includes urethral sounds, penis pump suction torture, caning of the asshole, ass and cock, enema play, smoking, leather, electrical play, face slapping, nipple torture, bondage,…

Julie Simone is a Dominatrix

Julie puts on her boots in this movie, and the BDSM fun begins. Bondage is only the beginning, and the spanking will make you squirm with desire. Julie Simone Is A Dominatrix who enjoys a variety of sadistic pleasures including humiliation, rubber dolls, OTK spanking, strap on sex, forced smoking, human ashtray, latex, boots, foot worship, high heel worship, caning,…

Submissive Slut

When Julie Simone gets caught smoking in a stranger’s house she pays pay a price she never expected. Joe Gallant takes her captive, and subjects her to degrading and humiliating sexual acts. She is forced to strip and gets gagged. More hot scenes include nipple torture, forced masturbation, spanking, slapping, hair pulling, verbal humiliation, and penetration with toys and fingers.…