Wildly original, Superfreak is sheer funky genius: the wandering ghost of Punk-Funk musician and notorious wild man Rick James possesses the bodies of women. Of course, Rick James makes them get super-freaky with one another.

The ghost, who appears only briefly between possessions, is played by director Shine Louise Houston, who does an impression of Rick James that rivals Dave Chapelle‚Äôs. You’ll love the humor and the porn. Lots of riotous sex tests the limits, and the hot lesbian action makes this an award winner.

Shine Louise Houston is rapidly becoming a name to be reckoned with in the world of independent lesbian porn, and Superfreak is just as hot (and far funnier) than her first award-winning film The Crash Pad.

Citation: Superfreak, USA, 69 minutes, 2007
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