Sexing the Transman XXX

In Sexing the Transman, seasoned adult star Buck Angel sits down with four transmen to provide us, the viewer, with an intimate window into their personal relationship with gender and what gets them hot! Each scene begins with an interview that delves into the subject’s relationship with their body, their decision-making process around surgery and their erotic response to hormones. As the questions get deeper and more explicit the clothes start coming off and the XXX times begin. Each scene culminates in a uniquely sexy masturbation session that leaves our four transmen – James Darling, Sean, Eddie Wood & M.J. – sweaty, shivering and satisfied. Some use toys and others just their hands but in all cases the pleasure felt is obvious and intense. Buck operates the camera and keeps a tight focus on each subject, making the experience incredibly intimate. This is a fabulous film for anyone who wants to gain more perspective on transgender sexuality and it’s also a great choice if you just want to watch some hot transguys get off! Also, don’t miss the scorching scene at the end between Buck and Fallen. These two have a ton of chemistry and their rough and tumble play is raunchy, fun and totally stroke-worthy. A wonderful cap to an incredible film!

Transman porno with a documentary feel award winning and nominated FTM porn. Featuring indepth interviews with four transmen, Sexing the Transman, provides the viewer with an intimate look into their relationships with gender and sexuality. Scenes begin with a personal interview that culminates into a uniquely sexy masturbation session.

Citation: Sexing the Transman, United States, 71 minutes, 2011
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