Queer Manor

The Ladies of the Manor are up to all kinds of mischief. Queer Manor may have an austere exterior, but inside, no one minds their manners! This start to heat up and just get naughtier. Corseted socialite Sadie Lune pleasures herself impolitely by pulling a strand of pearls from her pussy. She entertains Anne Lane in bed, where they whisper in French while playing with cupcakes and each other’s cunts. Award-winning director, indie porn pioneer, Madison Young enjoys a good cigar before putting submissive Anja through her paces. Real couple Liz and Finn take their intimate connection from clean to dirty with a lustful scene in the loo. Enter Queer Manor, the estate where debauchery is celebrated. Full of lovingly lusty scenes, Madison shows you why she’s been nominated so many times for multiple awards.

Citation: Queer Manor, USA, 78 minutes, 2009
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