Doing It Again: Playful Awakenings

A film by Tobi Hill-Meyer, this movie is a detailed exploration of trans women’s relationship and hookup dynamics. The first film in the series offers genuine explicit scenes and interview footage from a diverse range of trans women and their partners. A holistic portrait about trans women’s sexuality that is rarely seen and portrayed so well in mainstream porn, this film offers some real glimpses into life as a trans woman. These films showcase powerful and unique stories focusing on trans women and their partners, from those who’ve just met to those who’ve been together over two decades.

Playful Awakenings focuses on authentic trans women with trans partners, featuring four couples: Drew Deveaux and Hayley Fingersmith, Chelsea and Mo, Lillith von Fraumench and Violet DeVille, and Azure Sparkles and Juicy. Intimate, tender, and lots of fun, Playful Awakenings is a smart and sexy movie.

Citation: Doing It Again: Playful Awakenings, USA, 2013
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