Sadie Lune

Work as a Performer

Marriage 2.0

In “Marriage 2.0,” India wants to live a full life—a life unfettered by the shackles of shame and tradition—but as she pushes the boundaries of her relationship with her long-time boyfriend, she finds tearing down boundaries is much easier than creating new rules to live by. Set adrift in her search for personal freedom and sexual bliss within the context…

Hello Titty

If it was your tits’ last day on earth, what would they wish for? Come to The Last Chance Tit Show and join Tit Star Showboy while he explores the possibilities.


The photography of Goodyn Green comes alive in her first feature,
“Shutter”, starring known as well as new faces from the Berlin queer and lesbian scene.

50 Shades of Dylan Ryan

The wealthy, Ms Grey, has met her match with intrigued submissive, Dylan Ryan. Dylan relinquishes her freedom and completely submits herself to Ms. Grey.

Lesbian Curves 2: Hard Femme

2014’s Best Dyke Film, Hard Femme features deliciously round bodies that are bound for pleasure.

Lesbian Sex Education: Female Ejaculation

Experienced women discuss and demonstrate female ejaculation in this educational film. Four couples decide that it’s time to greatly enhance their sex lives and learn more about female ejaculation. They all take a workshop class where to learn more about their bodies and how the amazing orgasm that causes squirting truly works. A variety of toys as well as techniques…

Lesbian Sex Education: Strap-On

Madison Young directs this educational film about Strapons. There’s a lot to be learned here. Experienced women discuss and demonstrate Strap-On sex in four scenes where ladies show the benefits of a strap on dildo as a sex toy. It’s a great way to learn for fine folks with good hearts and curious minds. This strap-on workshop is a great…

Mommy is Coming

Mommy is Coming is a queer, sexy romcom set in the cosmopolitan and culturally diverse Berlin. Seasoned director, Cheryl Dunye, provides a unique mixture sexual imagery to amazing storytelling.

Pregnant with Desire

Award-winning director Madison Young explores her fascination with one of women’s ultimate sexual experiences: pregnancy. Four beautiful women celebrate the passion of their radically transforming bodies, and all their different desires. Interviews reveal their erotic secrets of pregnancy: orgasmic birth, best/favorite sex positions, the eroticism of lactation. Sadie Lune discloses her deep attraction to pregnant women, then lovingly worships Tricksie…

Queer Manor

The Ladies of the Manor are up to all kinds of mischief. Queer Manor may have an austere exterior, but inside, no one minds their manners! This start to heat up and just get naughtier. Corseted socialite Sadie Lune pleasures herself impolitely by pulling a strand of pearls from her pussy. She entertains Anne Lane in bed, where they whisper…

Attendance at Events

The 10th Anniversary Feminist Porn Awards!

This year’s 10th Anniversary Feminist Porn Awards events! Get tickets and information about all of the awesome happenings this week:     Wednesday April 15th:Best Sex Writing of the Year Book Signing at Good for Her! On Wednesday April 15, Good for Her will host this intimate experience as part of the many amazing events during the Feminist Porn Awards. Jiz, Jason…

Trans Positive Trans Sex Worshop

Good for Her is hosting two amazing workshops with Tobi Hill-Meyer. Please join us! Come to talk about bodies, language, behaviors, and desires (and coming!) – all presented with trans*, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people in mind. Our communities have particular concerns as well as special opportunities for fun and frolic, that are often left out of mainstream Sex Ed.…

Down and Dirty: DIY Porn Workshop

Hart House Committees Sexual Education Centre at the University of Toronto (S.E.C) welcomes The Feminist Porn Awards and Good For Her’s workshop on creating your own porn. Fabulous Feminist Porn Award winning filmmaker Sonya Barnett teaches you how to make quality porn on a limited budget.

Re-Framing Porn Screening Night: Radical Representation in Film

Radical Representation in Porn! Join us on Oct 17th for clips from our favourite movies over the years, each including people of colour, people with disabilities, indigenous and/or trans folk.


Nine years of smut! You won’t want to miss the Good For Her 9th Annual Feminist Porn Awards Ceremony.