April Flores

Work as a Performer

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strap Ons

“Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strap Ons” takes us back to the award-winning Lesbian Curves series with gorgeous fat femmes, juicy tomboy switches and deliciously hard strap on cocks.

Lesbian Curves 2: Hard Femme

2014’s Best Dyke Film, Hard Femme features deliciously round bodies that are bound for pleasure.

Fuckstyles of the Queer and Famous

A hardcore queer porno, set in mixtape styles, plenty of action to turn your crank. This deliciously diverse case has all your favourite queer porn performers. They were given complete freedom to show off their favourite styles, and so you’re treated to rough sex, double penetration, anal sex, pussy eating, blow jobs, strap-ons, solo styles, romance, and loads and loads…

Live Sex Show

Filmed in front of a live audience this fabulous film makes the crowd cheer. Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee star in a educational yet filthy finger-fucking scene that leaves the audience wanting more. April Flores and the Matador in a dramatically-lit, cock-slurping, pussy-pounding love story, and Courtney herself in a climactic surprise 5-on-1 porn-star-on-director gang bang! There’s a great mix…

Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 2

Mistress Claire takes her pet, April on a wild ride. Madison bakes a cake for her loving Mistress with interesting results. Bobbi takes on total submission at the back of her throat. Chayse and Mark double team their slave Adrianna. Ponygirl Madison gets proper training. Sinnamon gives full service to her Master (and his friends) at their friendly poker game.…

Dangerous Curves

Embark on an erotic journey where the landscapes of libido come to life. Although this road may twist and turn, the real dangerous curves are those of the fierce fashionistas that exist in these environments. The waterfall isn’t the only thing getting Syd Blakovich and Jiz Lee wet as they create their own cascades with the big beautiful April Flores.…


There’s a mystery at the Bordello where the action is hot, heavy and dangerous! After servicing and satisfying Madame April Flores with his perfect cock, Billy Castro’s drop-dead gorgeous body is found lifeless on the brothel floor. Who committed this crime of passion, and just how was the deadly deed done? Was he strangled with the rope that Tina Horn…

Behind the Red Door

Everyone wants to know what goes on behind the Red Door. Step inside with adult superstar April Flores and find out what sexual secrets are hiding away. April is a big, beautiful, porcelain plaything who likes to dress up and get down. Each room she explores inspires an new, exciting erotic encounter. Queer artist Syd Blakovich fuels her passion for…

Voluptuous Biker Babes

Busty, large hot Biker Babes get it on in “Voluptuous Biker Babes”. In this film, three dance divas, April (April Flores), Cholita (La Cholita), and Boom Boom (Bunny de La Cruz), get lost during their cross country dance tour. In the desolate nowhere lives a deranged and sassy dance cult lead by Pa Fuschia Flores the self proclaimed Diva of…

Attendance at Events

The 10th Anniversary Feminist Porn Awards!

This year’s 10th Anniversary Feminist Porn Awards events! Get tickets and information about all of the awesome happenings this week:     Wednesday April 15th:Best Sex Writing of the Year Book Signing at Good for Her! On Wednesday April 15, Good for Her will host this intimate experience as part of the many amazing events during the Feminist Porn Awards. Jiz, Jason…

Trans Positive Trans Sex Worshop

Good for Her is hosting two amazing workshops with Tobi Hill-Meyer. Please join us! Come to talk about bodies, language, behaviors, and desires (and coming!) – all presented with trans*, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people in mind. Our communities have particular concerns as well as special opportunities for fun and frolic, that are often left out of mainstream Sex Ed.…

Down and Dirty: DIY Porn Workshop

Hart House Committees Sexual Education Centre at the University of Toronto (S.E.C) welcomes The Feminist Porn Awards and Good For Her’s workshop on creating your own porn. Fabulous Feminist Porn Award winning filmmaker Sonya Barnett teaches you how to make quality porn on a limited budget.

Re-Framing Porn Screening Night: Radical Representation in Film

Radical Representation in Porn! Join us on Oct 17th for clips from our favourite movies over the years, each including people of colour, people with disabilities, indigenous and/or trans folk.


Nine years of smut! You won’t want to miss the Good For Her 9th Annual Feminist Porn Awards Ceremony.