An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco

An Open Invitation is a lush tribute to the ultimate fantasy for many couples – the sexy and exciting swinging lifestyle. The Blooms are a loving couple whose sex life has hit a slump. Across the hall are their neighbours – the Angels who are involved in “the lifestyle” and their sex life is through the roof. They barely make it through the door before they tear each other’s clothes off and have a hot, wet encounter right on the living room floor. Inevitably, the two couples cross paths.

Shot on location in San Francisco, and featuring scenes shot at a real swinger’s club party, this movie has it all! The script is nuanced, funny and thoughtful and the actors show how honest, loving couples can enjoy an open, varied sex life. Not only that, the cast is gorgeous and the chemistry is incredible. From the couple scenes to the group sex to the full out orgy that ends the movie every single scene is raunchy, hot and orgasmically outstanding. This movie instantly became one of our all-time favourites!

Bonus: the final scene in this movie is an eye-popping orgy that features 15 actors as well as several real life swingers who attended the party that evening.

Approx. 155 min.

Citation: An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco, United States, 155 minutes, 2010
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