Man of My Dreams

Eight of the hottest guys on a single DVD fulfill your dreams in this erotic softcore film. Each man represents a different “familiar” sexual fantasy. Man of My Dreams is a Choose Your Own Sexual Adventure movie that leaves a lot to the imagination.

Have you ever wondered what the neighborhood handyman would really like to fix? What about your buff masseur, is he good with more than just his hands? And which fire should the hunky fireman attend to first, the hot flame of lust or the slow burn of desire? Well, this time around the answer is up to you!

Viewers can pick their ideal guy and then watch a beautifully-shot, erotically-charged vignette. Some scenes are soft and sensual while others get raunchy and racy. All are set to music and forgo the silly dialogue that plagues the baby blue genre.

Here we see fresh, attractive faces, great editing and fun scenarios. You even have the option of learning some cheeky sexuality facts during the action simply by choosing “Learn a Little Something” from the menu.

Highly recommended for all the smart, sexy women and couples who know that mystery rules and the sexiest, most suggestive scenes can be all about what you don’t see. Scenes contain nudity but no close-ups of penetration or genitalia. No ejaculation shots.

Winner of “Most Sensual Softcore” and the Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content!

Citation: Man of My Dreams, Canada, 38 minutes, 2008
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