A Little Part of Me

We loved the sweet story and sexy scenes in this romantically-themed adult movie. In fact, we loved it so much that we awarded it the 2011 Feminist Porn Award for Steamiest Romantic Movie. This story-driven film includes top-notch performers like Bobbi Starr and Kimberly Kane, ladies who are natural and comfortable on screen whether they are making memorable sex scenes or delivering lines. A Little Part of Me’s plot centres around Bobbi Starr who is still grieving the death of her organ donor husband. To help with closure she decides the meet each of the men who received a gift from her former love. As it turns out each guy has a perfect match in one of Bobbi’s friends and she spends the film pairing off her pals with very sexy results. In the end, Bobbi herself finds love in the arms of someone who has always been there for her. The story is funny, sweet and cute and perfect for anyone who likes some context for their sexy seductions. Each scene focuses on one couple and is shot and lit to perfection. If you are looking for story and a film that shows just how hot couples sex can be then look no further. We’ve got you covered!

Citation: A Little Part of Me, United States, 144 minutes, 2011
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