Liberte Sexuelle/Sexual Freedom: Sex Stories 3

Award-winning female director Ovidie has created another gorgeous exploration of modern sexuality, told from a woman’s point of view.

Like it’s predecessors (Sex Stories and Infidelity), this French film is lush, sensual and told from a female perspective. 

Tapping into the current craze of reality television, Ovidie stars as Leonie-Marie, a journalist for a reality TV program that explores the strange romances of people who live on the margins of society.  When her latest assignment takes her to the countryside to interview the members of a swinger’s commune.  Leonie-Marie can’t believe what she finds.  But as the men and women of the commune teach her about the “free love” lifestyle, she starts to question her traditional beliefs about love and sex. 
Have her new interview subjects uncovered the secret to true sexual freedom?

Come explore the final chapter of the highly erotic Sex Stories trilogy. Sexual Freedom brings the series to it’s titillating conclusion.

Original title: Liberte Sexuelle
Original language: French
Citation: Liberte Sexuelle/Sexual Freedom: Sex Stories 3, France, 85 minutes, 2013
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Director(s): .

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