Last Tango

Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris shocked movie-goers in 1972. Now, Sweet Sinema revisits one of classic cinema’s most intense, controversial love stories, starring the most acclaimed French performers in adult film.

Beautiful, reserved Katsuni is looking to rent a secret apartment to escape from arrogant fiancee James Deen. But when she shows up to view a vacant space, she’s entranced by brooding, mysterious stranger Manuel Ferrara. Finding themselves alone, the two plunge into a sudden, impulsive affair based on raw sex and anonymity. But as they fall in love with their fantasies of each other, a grim reality creeps ever closer, threatening to expose the fragility of their twisted world. With haunting, explicit sex scenes and emotionally rich performances, Last Tango will change the way you view adult film – forever.

The Sweet Sinema studio is developed with couples in mind, promising real lovemaking, real orgasms. complex stories, well-developed characters and intense sexual performances.

Citation: Last Tango, Canada, 117 minutes, 2011
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