House of Ass

Inspired by reality-TV, this film is a winner! Tristan invites a group of porn stars to a secluded house in the mountains for the weekend and the hot action gets rolling. She wants to see what would happen if they could relax and let their guard down.

Each housemate is scheduled to do one scene with another person, and then encouraged to have sex with other housemates of their choice.

Throughout the weekend, secrets are revealed, and confessions are made. They even had their own camcorder to film each other’s scenes. Which real-life couple broke up in the middle of the shoot? Who masturbated while filming another couple’s scene? Watch as they give sex tips in the hot tub, talk about their fantasies, create spontaneous pairings, and all of it is captured on film.

Smokin’ hot sex happens in every room and it wraps up in an unbelievable orgy!

Citation: Tristan Taormino's House of Ass, USA, 149 minutes, 2005
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