Red lips, high heels, fast cars and fisting – this film has all the glamour, filth, and romance Siouxsie Q and Maxine Holloway have always dreamed of putting in a porno. But this film is just as subversive as it is hot. Feminism has historically been ambivalent about the validity and importance of sex work, but feminist porn places sexual labor at the center, rather than the fringes, and this film is no exception.
This romantic porno-pop music video showcases the magic that happens when two whores fall in love. Stigma and criminalization can make sex work incredibly isolating, so finding another person to share in the triumphs and tribulations of the work can feel like a lifeline. In the fight towards the decriminalization of sex work, showcasing sex worker stories and voices is critical, so sex workers and real life partners Siouxsie Q and Maxine Holloway let viewers inside their intimate homantic relationship.

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Original language: English
Translation: (no)
Citation: Homance / America / 20:28 / 2014
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