Heart Throb Marathon

High from an exhilarating night at the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards, three international porn stars from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sydney wind up in Courtney Trouble’s hotel room in downtown Toronto with a raging libido and a BBC journalist.

Blissed out after taking home Heart Throb of the Year, Zahra Stardust pounces on Dominican porn star Wolf Hudsom and his toy boy James Darling, former feminist porn award winners, the three descending into a marathon fuck fest.

What follows is an onslaught of rimming, squirting, double-fisting, cunnilingus, fellatio, foot worship, strap-ons and wet smouldering make-outs, all before a polite journalist rapidly taking notes.

In Zahra’s first boy-girl and Wolf’s first girl-FTM-threesome scenes, these three have their way with each other and leave nothing sacred.

This long awaited scene, reported as world news, features outstanding and electric performances on a very special night of the year.


Original language: English
Citation: Heart Throb Marathon, Canada, 14:14, 2014
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