Fuck Dolls

Erica Rand, in her book Barbie’s Queer Accessories, examines the ways in which Barbie ‘can be subversively refunctioned for women’s pleasure.’ She examines how ‘wholesome’, ‘family-oriented’ Barbie is deliberately subverted by what consumers do with her in practice. Fuck Dolls brings Barbie to life. Playmates Emerald and Zahra, two life sized dolls, awake from slumber amidst an entourage of topless and semi-clothed Barbies and Kens who turn out to be perverts, voyeurs and foot fetishists. These dolls – both plastic and flesh – are playful not passive. They bend each other over, dive into latex, plunge head first into a strap-on, fuck each other’s face and pull each other’s hair. Barbies get wet, Ken gets pummelled, and a gallery of femmes receive a hot homo-erotic boy-on-boy display. Fuck Dolls imbues Barbie with alternative understandings, new readings and queer feminist counter-practices, and delivers some explosive orgasms on the journey.

Original language: English
Citation: Fuck Dolls, Australia, 13:43, 2014.
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