The Expert Guide To Advanced Anal Sex

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Advanced Anal Sex is the educational DVD we’ve been waiting for: A sexy seminar that gives great information and erotic demonstrations about anal sex for all genders. Absolutely fabulous for couples who want to learn together and load up on practical information and mind-blowing techniques. It begins with a 20 minute workshop where important facts about male and female anal anatomy are discussed along with toys, lube, and proper technique. There’s even some handy information about how to fashion your very own butt plug harness! After the info session we get to learn by example as 4 sexy scenes play out.

The actors in The Expert Guide To Advanced Anal Sex demonstrate great communication when talking about what they like and don’t like and they show how to use toys and positions to best advantage. There are lots of great options for couples looking to try something new. Some of the actors use fingers, some use vibrators or dildos, and some have sex while a butt plug is in. We especially loved when our fave male star Christian teamed up with Nina Hartley for a strap-on scene that will live on forever in our dreams.

Director Tristan Taormino is the leading expert on anal sex for men and women as well as a top notch feminist pormographer.

As a bonus this DVD include vignettes on Solo Prostate Stimulation, Anal Hygiene, and Safer Sex. Approx. 129 min.

Citation: The Expert Guide To Advanced Anal Sex, United States, 129 minutes, 2011
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