Dirty Movie Deadline

Aleena wants to make porn, but can she keep her hands on the camera and off the hot cock of the performers? Find out what its like to be part of making a movie in this film – it’s just 7 days til the deadline. Sexy Canadian bombshell Aleena visits to the UK to star in her first adult film. She has given herself just 7 days to absorb as much as she can before making her debut appearance on a professional porn shoot. Observe this curvy cougar from the land of lumberjacks as she tackles her Dirty Movie Deadline. Aleena she wants to shoot that scene, and shares her ideas with actors Michelle Moist and Danny D, but Aleena can’t stay behind the camera, she’s also going to join in on the fun.

Citation: Dirty Movie Deadline, UK, 120 minutes, 2011
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