Genre: Storyline

The Swinger Vol. 3

The 3rd volume in the successful and popular “The Swinger” series. This is a hot, well produced movie that is perfect for couples. When a young woman discovers her best girl friend is into the swingers scene, her initial disgust quickly turns passionate. She becomes obsessed as she experiments with the world of wife swapping and group sex. Allie Haze…

Shades of Pink

Justine Joli knows what she wants, and she’s trained Maddy O’Reilly very, very well. Now it’s time for Maddy to move on to another Mistress. So Justine has to search for her replacement; a woman she can bring pleasure to, a woman open to more than the ordinary. Spotting Kirsten Price, Justine knows that Kirsten ‘is’ that woman. By introducing…

Riot Girls

Caught between a rock and a hard on. The Riot Girls are an all-girl rock band touring Europe. They go wild with their Rock ‘N Roll lifestyle. Guitarist Samantha Bentley strips in front of photographer Ryan Ryder to get his attention and they get it off in a great stand-up doggie style. Lead singer Jasmine Jae stays away from Ryder…


A perfect couple living a perfect life comes home from dinner ready for perfect sex! But they soon find out everything isn’t always perfect. Experienced in the gay porn industry, Christian Slaughter takes to directing for the first time.


From the mind of well-known director, Ovidie, Infidelity explores the blurred area between relationships and infidelity. In three vignettes, Ovidie leads us to question our conception of the love, loyalty, and sex.

Forbidden Lovers

Forbidden Lovers features a tall, handsome Christian who brings his girlfriend, Amy, home to his parents for the first time, she becomes oddly nervous.  When a storm traps the two overnight, Christian finally confronts his girlfriend and learns what she’s been hiding. Forbidden Lovers is the first release from Trans Romantic Studios, a line dedicated to featuring incredibly beautiful trans-women in sexy, story-driven scenarios.

A Taste of Joy

Petra Joy’s latest film explores and celebrates real female pleasure. In three sexy stories, Petra  tears down porn stereotypes and shows hot and creative sex. A Taste of Joy is hot, authentic porn from a female perspective.

Butches and Babes

Finally a lesbian company that’s not afraid to mix it up! Hot lesbian lust is at its finest, in Butches and Babes. You get the best of both with this butch and femme release from Filly Films, in this all lesbian film. Lily Cade explores the who’s-in-charge-here dynamics of lesbian trysts in this taut four-scene film. Hollywood executive Ela Darling…