Genre: Nominee


Madison Young’s The StarrLust Experience, a Ziggy Starrdust inspired queer erotic indie art film that will take you on an extensional journey of pornographic magnitude as story hungry star lusting journalist, Siousxie Q, seduces her way into the lair of eccentric rock star and pop icon Mowie StarrLust’s hotel room.

Romantic Queer Vintage

Dressed in classic vintage outfits, Trick enjoys worshipping Chocolate Chip’s gorgeous body by oiling, caressing, and dressing her then carries her to the bedroom for some more fun. But the script gets flipped and Chocolate Chip straps on and tops Trick to a screaming orgasm.


An immersive and visceral SM scene between Ivan and Charlie, loves and lovers who use this practice to break into infinity, to become nothing and everything all at once.

Waiting for Godot

What’s a little caning between friends? At moments playful and tender and others quite sharp, the volleying of energy inherent in SM is quite visible here.