Candida Royalle’s Under the Covers

Candida Royalle’s directorial feature is decidedly racier than any of her past releases!

This humourous tale takes a look at women who live & work in the sex industry and exposes their private lives to be somewhat different from their public presentation. Regina West, a comedically relentless TV personality is doing a special on women who have changed our views of sex. Her interviewees include a sex therapist, a sex shop worker, a famous author and a dominatrix and their personal sex lives are certainly interesting. Scenes here run the gamut from a sweet and tender couple getting busy with a video camera to a devilishly kinky (light) SM scene where our tough-talking dominatrix gets turned out by one of her clients.

The final cut takes place at a masquerade sex party reminiscent of Eyes Wide Shut but infinitely hotter.

Royalle is still the queen; great production value, real female pleasure and hotness everywhere. Here she proves herself perfectly capable of taking on the more explicit subjects that she has shied away from in the past.

Natural Bodies. Includes group scenes, girl-on-girl and light (no pain) SM. No anal sex.

Citation: Candida Royalle's Under the Covers, USA, 85 minutes, 2006
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