Cabaret Desire

Cabaret Desire is the third feature film from GFH favourite Erika Lust – writer and director of the Feminist Porn Award winners 5 Hot Stories for Her and Life Love Lust – and we can guarantee that it’s a treat for fans and newcomers alike. Erika Lust is known for her ability to weave a sensual, erotic tale that feels luxuriously naughty and deliciously decadent and Cabaret Desire is no exception.
Set in a magic, bohemian place where people go after dark to hear sensual stories this film features four vignettes that are sure to set your heart racing. Watch out for the scandalouisly latex-clad art thief who seduces her victim and steals his most precious treasure. Her sleek manouevers and ministrations can only result in his helpless surrender. The cynical comedy of a woman dating two people named Alex, one male, one female is also not to be missed. After quenching her desire with the two she unceremoniously disposes of them both when they try to force her to choose only one. The sweet tale of two lovers meeting again after a long hiatus will capture the heart of any romantic who watches it. As they each make their way to their long-awaited rendezvous each reminisces about the passionate affair that they are so desparate to rekindle. Watched alone or shared with a lover Cabaret Desire provides the perfect sensuous escape for the intelligent erotic connoisseur.

Citation: Cabaret Desire, Spain, 80 minutes, 2011
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