There’s a mystery at the Bordello where the action is hot, heavy and dangerous! After servicing and satisfying Madame April Flores with his perfect cock, Billy Castro’s drop-dead gorgeous body is found lifeless on the brothel floor. Who committed this crime of passion, and just how was the deadly deed done? Was he strangled with the rope that Tina Horn and Jolene discover on the staircase? Was he shot with the smokin’ hot gun that Carson and James Darling find in the garage?

The sex-hungry cast diverts from the case to indulge in suspected murder weapons as sex toys. Romping good dirty fun, carnal and campy!

The homicide may be a mystery, but there are no kinky secrets or forbidden fuck fantasies that go unexplored in this plot-heavy porn Whodunit… They all “do it!”

Full of witty one-liners, this fun, sexual feature from award-winning director Courtney Trouble, with guest videographer and Alt Porn Guru Eon Mckai, is destined to be a cult classic.

Citation: Bordello, USA, 57 minutes, 2009
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