After 10 wonderful years, it’s time for something new!

The Feminist Porn Awards have always been a labour of love. From its earliest, most hopeful inception we at Good For Her envisioned the Awards as a venue to encourage and celebrate erotic fantasy from an alternative point of view. A place where we could see ourselves reflected in glorious, sensual colour. A place where we could make our numbers known. A place where we could validate each other’s beauty and help each other rise.

Ten years ago, when we began this little venture, there was little available to serve those who did not feel represented in mainstream pornography. The introduction of a feminist viewpoint forced the mainstream industry to sit up and take notice. In 2005, the very concept that pornography could be enthusiastically produced and consumed by women and other marginalized peoples became the spark that launched a thousand thinkpieces. New approaches to sexual representation on film became possible through the willpower, solidarity and awesome creative power of feminist filmmakers, performers, viewers and promoters. AVN and XBiz introduced progressive new categories; mainstream studios proudly declared themselves female-friendly; together we made an impact that shifted the conversation about what it is to be sexy, desirable and observed.

Now in 2015, the ease of access to technology has been a huge democratizing force in the adult industry. Small producers with talent and ambition can create a sustainable audience for their work without compromising their vision or their politics. Large studios are working with feminist talent and directors to broaden their audience appeal. Yes, there is still a lot of work to be done, but we have come a very long way from the place where we began.

We at Good For Her have had 10 inspiring and incredible years. We’ve watched our idea grow from a small spark into a bright and brilliant flame. It is with deep feelings of pride and satisfaction in all that we have accomplished that we announce that we will be taking a short break from the Feminist Porn Awards for 2016. We will take this time to re-vision and strategize about how we wish to transform and rebirth the event that is so dear to us. We will be back again soon. We love too many of you too well to not return.

All the best for 2016

Carlyle Jansen and Lorraine Hewitt