Billy Castro Does The Mission

Let Billy Castro, a hot transman, be your guide to the dirty streets of San Francisco’s Mission District. Dylan Ryan steals his bike, but he gets it back by getting it on in her hot tub hideaway. After toweling off, Jiz Lee takes Billy down in a wanton wrestling match, squirting sweet victory all over him. But then Billy gets a chance to regain the upper hand with Akira Raine as she attempts to kidnap him again. That spells trouble for Billy as he’s now late for a date with impatient porn star Lorelei Lee. She takes revenge on Billy by sitting on his face, before getting fingered and fucked so she can drain him of every last drop at the end of this amazing day.

This first film of the Muse Collection by award-winning director Courtney Trouble stars all her favourite performers.

Citation: Billy Castro Does The Mission, United States, 71 minutes, 2010
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