Category: Heartthrob of the Year

Zahra Stardust

Feminist striptease artist – check. Pole champion – check. Ran for Australian Parliament and Lord Mayor of Sydney – check. Heartthrob for 2014, definitely. Zara will win you over with her moves and her brains. For more information about her and why we love her, check out  

Jiz Lee

From their first porn scene inĀ  The Crash Pad initial movie in 2005, Jiz Lee became a classic. Aside from starring in hot, groundbreaking queer movies that straddled the worlds between genders and genres, they organize Karma Pervs as an erotic arts fundraiser for good causes, in case you needed any more reason to love them. All this is why…

Drew Deveaux

Drew Deveaux was our Heart Throb of the Year in 2011. She is a confident exhibitionist who has a way of getting what she wants. She has starred in the Crash Pad series, Roulette Toronto, and many other movies, where she uses her poly, switch skills to their best advantage. She describes herself as a “brazen and bratty trainwreck of…