Pics from the 2014 Gala

Good for Her is pleased to announce the 2014 Feminist Porn Award Winners! Congratulations to our nominees and all of our winners. We'll see you next year for our 10th Anniversary of celebrating the best in feminist porn.

Silver Shoes

Beautifully shot, this film plays with the idea of the erotic power of clothes. Characters weave their way through flirting, solo sex, brunch, incredible visceral chemistry. This heat is what earned Silver Shoes the Slixa Movie of the Year award in 2014.

Trans Grrrls -Revolution Porn Style Now

This queer porn epic is a smoking hot two and a half hours of cute hipster grrrl make outs, hot boy and girl co-stars, gender bending and blending, heavy petting, playful kink, strap-ons, sex toys, oral, anal, muffing, public sex, squirting, orgasms, role play, laughter – and even a little bit of love. It’s juicy, erotic, hot and will leave…